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Charming Lady from Ukraine - Olga from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Datingsite to Meet Sexy Ukrainian Woman Olga from Kiev, Ukraine
Online Dating with Pretty Ukrainian Girl Olga from Kiev, Ukraine
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Datingsite to Meet Beautiful Belarusian Woman Marina from Grodno, Belarus
Dating Service to Meet Single Ukrainian Lady Tatiyana from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

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Connecting the hearts is a real art, fragile and delicate. Art is created by artists, true-hearted, sensual and fortunate themselves. We are happy to create this art in cooperation with the stuff of the site www.mypartnerforever.com. It is a real team of high qualified people who knows what they do and how to do it on a high level. We are highly honored to have such partners in our work. They correspond to our views of making people happy and fill our cooperation with honesty and responsibility.
Nadezhda, Uman
We are living in times where we have to deal with the imperfection of many dating systems. But our agency cooperates with My Partner Forever site for almost 5 years and it opens a new perspective for those who are aimed in a serious search. And it`s not just empty words. And firstly the best evidence of it is a happy marriage of Alain and Julia who managed to create MPF site and gave the same opportunity to thousands of people all over the world. And secondly, I`m proud to congratulate our couples who found each other on the pages of My Partner Forever site with their marriages and that together we do a big work. We help people who are miles away from each other to build a new happy cell in our society. And it inspires us to work only harder as we are sure that you know what you are looking for and we know where you can find it! We enjoy the cooperation with MPF administration a lot since they honestly care and worry about every member and about every date that we organize together. Same as us they try to help every man and every woman to find the right partner as fast as possible.
Svetlana, Kiev
Dear Yuliya and Elena! Our agency would like to say thank you for the partnership with us and also express our gratitude. For all the time of our partnership you have always kept in touch with us. Any problem we have is dealt very quickly and efficiently. This is great, because having the experience of partnership with other sites; we know that it’s not always successful to contact the managers and owners in order to ask a question. You always respond, explain and direct us, help with all the questions. There hasn’t been any situation when you haven’t responded our question or ask for all the time of our partnership. It makes our partnership easy and productive. We would like to wish everything to stay at this level in the future. I appreciate that. Respectfully, Oksana
Oksana - partners in Vinnitsa
Our agency has been created in 2006 and since that time it has been cooperated with many web sites providing the services on matchmaking between foreign men and Ukrainian women. Since 2010 our agency has been cooperated with www.mypartnerforever.com. Each time after starting cooperation with any new site the staff does some research on the cooperation in field of the level of services (their quality, quantity, variability and prices) and on serious position of the men clients towards their intentions to create family with Ukrainian women. After ten years of research it has been found out that www.mypartnerforever.com is the best site for cooperation for the agencies from CIS on the one side and the men all around the world. The advantages: - High percentage of men with serious intentions - All the ladies are the members of local agencies in CIS that provides the guarantees of high number of the ladies with the serious intentions on creation families - Wide range of the services that are constantly developed according to the clients and agencies needs - 24/7 support of the site stuff in any kinds of questions that can occur - User-friendly interface and admin panel for agencies - Transparent system of income for an agency - The possibility to add services (gifts and romantic trip services) - Individual approach to each client. The disadvantages: - There are none.
Tatiyana, Kiev, Ukraine
Dear Yulia and Alain, There are good words “Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.” It is very important in our life to express thanks to people who we cooperate with, our colleagues. We are sure that we are not alone in saying that we are glad to cooperate with “MPF” which puts the wishes of the client first. Your sincere work during a long time brings a lot of satisfaction to hundreds people who really want to change their life, to create family happiness. You are a great example for most of them and your strong family shows that everything is possible in our modern world! We would like to thank you for the dedicated way in which you represent your advices. Whenever we feel the need to approach you regarding a matter, we always receive a prompt, well considered reply. We are sure that all your clients can feel safe and comfortable using your service. Having a big experience in matchmaking business, we can say that “MPF” is the leader in this business by performing what appeared to be an almost impossible task. Working under difficult conditions (it’s not a secret that there are a lot of SCAM Agencies), you follow your own sincere way and we believe that it will be the same forever. The name of your Agency and this nice word “Forever” are proved by your actions! We value it very much! Sincerely yours,
Mariupol Marriage Agency Team.
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