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Learn about Russian Women Character and Personality Traits
Your Future Russian Bride will be Delighted and Charmed

Throughout this article, we want to remind the reader that we speak of Russian women in general and it does not necessarily apply at an individual level. In any society, culture and traditions affect the way people generally evolve but does not necessarily apply to each one’s individuality.

Russian women’s character and personality traits are unique and certainly quite different from those of Western women. The differences vary mainly according whether they live in large cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg and Kiev or whether they live in smaller cities of villages.

Large cities of Russia and the Ukraine are in many ways quite similar to large cities of Western countries. Women living in these cities are usually less representative of the image many of us have of the typical Russian woman of the former USSR years. They are generally more contemporary and more career-minded than women living in smaller cities and rural areas, who, generally speaking, have kept the traditional family values.

Does not matter where they live, they all have one thing in common: they live in a country where there are approximately 10 million more women than men. Thus, theoretically, there are about as many single women. Of course, not all these women are at an age to be looking for a husband and it is estimated that only a small percentage of these women actively seek a foreign husband. However, there are enough of them to make tens of thousands of Western men very happy and blessed with love.

Russian Women Dating Service

What you Should Know, Do and Not Do
To Develop a Nice Relationship with a Russian Woman

  • It is true that Russian women generally seek a husband who is older than them so they can share the same level of maturity. In Russia, it is frequent to see couples with an age gap of 5-10 years. When they seek a foreign husband, this gap can grow bigger, always for the question of maturity and also a question of financial security. However, remain realist and don’t search only with your eyes and respect an age gap of 15 years maximum. A bigger gap can work but you can also reduce the survival chances of the relationship, at mid and long term, in an exponential way.

  • Communicate in a respectful way, be polite and straightforward. Women from Russia and the Ukraine like men who are realist, who have goals and who are able to take decisions to reach their goals.

  • Russian women live in the biggest country of the planet and they are proud of their heritage. Just as we all do at one point or another, they can talk negatively about certain aspects of their country, but avoid doing so about Russia yourself as it could be perceived in a wrong way.

  • By their culture and traditions, Russian women see their husband as the head of the family. But be careful, they are not submissive, quite the opposite. They wish to take part in the decisions and they are quite good advisers. A Russian saying goes: “the man is the head and the woman is the neck – the head looks only where the neck wants to turn”.

  • Don’t talk bad about your ex-wife. Actually, avoid negative subjects and concentrate at being positive. Talk about yourself, your passions, your family, your friends, your job and ask her all the same questions and even more. Remember the old saying: “God gave us two ears and one mouth”. In other terms, it is important to be listening as much, if not more, than talking.

  • Don’t try to win the heart of your correspondent by writing her that you are already in love with her, because this could be misinterpreted. Remember that chemistry and love can only be truly felt when meeting face to face.

  • There are lots of wealthy men in Russia. There are also lots of men who have drinking problems. Don’t try to impress your correspondent while talking, or sending her photos, of your nice car, your boat etc. Also, it would not be a good idea to talk to her about your last party with friends where alcohol was flowing. Here is a good article depicting the difficulty Russian women have at finding a suitable life partner in their own country.

  • Don’t bring up any subject that has do to with intimacy or sexuality. Russian women are quite shy concerning these subjects, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Mainly, don’t forget that your relationship is still at the virtual level. Following a meeting and some complicity, they open-up and the intimate aspects become quite normal.

  • Don’t try to go to the bottom of each subject, nor to know all details about her past. Concentrate on the present and the future. Tell her that you are not the type who will go on forever with a virtual correspondence and that you plan to meet her in a near future. This will make you stand apart and will capture and maintain her attention. Of course, honor your words and don’t make any empty promises.

  • Talk to her about your country and how you plan to take all necessary actions to ease her integration. Tell her about the available resources so she can take language lessons, either in classes or with a tutor.

  • Of course, this path is one among many others. Everybody has its own way of doing things and the important is to reach our goals. However, if you follow these suggestions, at least in a general way, you will certainly increase your chances to reach your goal, which is finding a charming Russian or Ukrainian wife.

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