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Charming Bride from Belarus - Diana from Brest, Belarus
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Meet Gorgeous Ukrainian Girl Olena from Kiev, Ukraine
Online Dating with Pretty Russian Girl Natalya from Almaty, Kazakhstan
Sexy Girl from Ukraine - Nataliya from Kiev, Ukraine
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Datingsite to Meet Charming Belarusian Girl Mariya from Grodno, Belarus
Online Dating with Pretty Ukrainian Woman Anastasiya from Kiev, Ukraine
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Happy Russian Bride
Maya (Grodno, Belarus)
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Steps how to use our Matchmaking Service and Dating Site
To have success at Finding a Bride in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia

We, Alain and Yuliya, got acquainted on the Internet. We became very dear to each other soon and within a year we were married (see Our Story). Having moved together in Canada, we realized that it is a great opportunity for every single man and woman to have a chance to acquaint each other from all over the world.

You can follow this link to find the answers why these beautiful Russian or Ukrainian ladies look for their life partners outside their country and why so many men from around the world are happy with their Russian or Ukrainian wives.

How to start communication with a pretty Russian or Ukraine lady?

You can use our website to start communication with single Russian, Ukrainian or Belarussian women and write letters, exchange photos, meet on video chat page or Skype as well as send flowers and gifts.

Tip: We will send you a photo of the lady receiving your gifts or flowers when you send them to your Russian or Ukrainian woman.

Bear in mind that letters and video calls have their limits so make plans to travel to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine as only a personal meeting can show if there is chemistry between you and your beautiful lady.

What`s next?
Travel to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia to meet your future Bride!

Travelling to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus is the next important step towards having a Russian, Belarussian or Ukrainian wife. Our partner marriage agencies and our dating website can help you to arrange travelling plans for you that you feel comfort and assurance. We have great experience in this. You can relax and enjoy your trip relying on us for airport pick-up / drop-off, accommodations in hotels or apartments, interpreters on your demand, Internet, computer etc.

Our advice is to contact a few Russian, Ukrainian or Belarussian women before travelling. According to our data sources more than 70% of men who travelled to meet a single lady they correspond end up getting married. Moreover, USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) reports that international marriages, particularly with Russian or Ukrainian women, have 80% success rate after 2 years, which is much higher than the success rate of local marriages.

On the other hand, the first meeting with your pretty Russian lady may show that you do not match each other. In case that happens, it’s not a disaster. Do not panic and do not shorten your stay. Trust our local dating agency, they may offer you to meet other women who represent a good match. More than 60% of these meetings led to marriage according to our data.

Honestly, no-one can guarantee love. We recommend you to be realistic and fair in your matching criteria. Pay attention not only to very young ladies but mature women who can have even more advantages than young beauties. Russian women who are 40+ years old still have the body of a goddess as well as they are mature and wise. Just look deeper into the inner world of a woman and you will not be disappointed! For instance, if you are 55 years old and a bit overweight, it wouldn’t be a good idea to look for a 25 years old goddess.

Tip: Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian ladies generally lead active and healthy way of life. They keep fit, their body is in excellent shape and they possess exquisite external beauty!

Meeting with Your Russian, Ukraine Woman

Meeting with your lady in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is very exciting and we can help you to organize everything on the top level. Every lady is registered at her local marriage agency and you can see the services this agency offers.

All marriage agency owners are professional matchmakers. They know their single women well and they will be able to set-up meetings with ladies who meet your criteria and vice-versa. Our data shows that more than 60% of men who met Russian or Ukrainian women without correspondence had a favorable meeting which led to a serious relationship and marriage.

However, it depends a lot on your matching criteria. Your chances of having a favorable meeting will decrease while you’re only looking for the most physically attractive ladies. Take time to meet the women the agency recommends you will most likely discover a “forgotten treasure” to keep for the rest of your life!

Anyway, be honest in your feelings and your deeds while finding a Russian or Ukrainian wife, you will definitely meet her! Sincerity, patience and respect with the ladies you communicate will help you to find your beautiful Russian wife!

Well, now you are ready to start communication and you see how easy it is. Browse the profiles of our pretty ladies and get closer to your dream to find your beautiful wife!

You can use our matchmaking services if you are short of time to browse and select ladies

  • Are you serious in search of your soul-mate and life partner?
  • Have you heard and read that Russian ladies are excellent wives?
  • Have you taken the decision to find your future wife in Belarus, Russia or the Ukraine?
  • Are you ready to travel to these countries and would you like to pre-schedule meetings?

Our Matchmaking agency provides this possibility. The only thing that you need is to email us and briefly describe who you are and what kind of woman you are looking for.

If you haven’t already created your profile on our website, please do it by following this link, it’s 100% Free.


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